Market Research

Salary : Negotiable
Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Never Went to School
Experience : no experience
Job Detail

Regarding Market Researchers position, as my understanding, the Job Description is as followed.

Willing to work 10-30 days as a one-time project work. Will extend another 10-30 days if more work are required and can go up to 3 months.
To do pricing analysis, surveying, and data collection on shops selling hardware tools (Hand power tool, wood saw etc).Also to also develop a list of shops and distributors selling these power tools (mostly used for timber/wood)
Able to interview and survey both power-tool users (Farmers, Carpenters, Timber-cutters) and shop owners/sellers/distributors
Must be able to compile the data into given report format
Someone who can travel to Bago, Upper Delta Region and Shwebo areas.

About Company

Please see the above description for company information.

This job posting has been made on behalf of company to fill jobs that are marked as urgent.

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