Construction Manager

Salary : Negotiable Apply from Source
Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Graduate
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Work Hour : Monday To Friday
Job Detail

Purpose of the role (Description of the overall purpose/mission of the job)
Manage overall construction of the Built to suit projects and/or colocations projects with or without tower and foundation upgrades

Scope of work
•    Define and create project construction specification standards, methodology, and implementation guidelines and documentation
•    Define and create materials (towers and accessories) specifications and manage ordering
•    Lead quality assurance and acceptance of materials
•    Define site acceptance procedure and guidelines
•    Monitors Quality Management plan specially the health and safety
•    Provide and create technical and construction solutions in support by the Design and engineering
•    Verify the site design works, documentation and progress
Success Factors Requirements
-    Minimum 7 years of construction experience
-    Minimum 4 years of Telecom industry experience, especially in project management/operations field
-    Ability to apply engineering and statistical techniques and formulas
-    Ability to demonstrate the knowledge of structural design (Telecom Tower) and construction standards
-    Ability to use MS office tools and AutoCAD effectively
-    Ability to recognize drawings & specifications
-    Ability to demonstrate the knowledge of reinforced concrete and structural steel systems
-    Possess the knowledge of current construction & regulations in Myanmar
-    Ability to pay attention to details (drawings & specification)
-    Effective communication skills
-    Excellent analyzing skills
-    Ability to work with very organized manner
-    Excellent problem-solving skills
-    Strong project planning & management skills
-    Ability to demonstrate leadership competencies
-    Ability to work comfortably around higher management
-    Ability to make quality decisions in timely manner

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